The studio. Who we are.

The name of our design studio might have a negative word in it, but our work ethics & love for appreciating all things in this world which incorporate well executed design, whether its product design, print, architecture and photography is quite the opposite – we just love aesthetically pleasing things.

As for our small studio – it is located at the destination where most humans come to holiday in Australia – Byron Bay. So, we embrace & support the culture of working hard, but also remember to enjoy life more.

So if you want to just have a chat, coffee or discuss and a project feel free to drop us a DM.


The humans


Digital Graphic Designer

We might be a small crew of designers – well, it’s a solo creative at the moment 🙂 But the advantage of this is there is no excessive exposure to administors holding back our limits to just doing what we love – designing.

With over 12yrs of being a graphic designer & with currently 32yrs of expired life on my human I can safely claim there are no wannabe Hipsters with excessive facial hair sporting vintage apparel, nor Senior Account Managers #Suits here charging excessive amounts of coin to create multipage spreadsheets & powerpoint presentations.

Things we do

Supporting caffeine addiction whilst working
Photoshop & graphic design love
Taking insta photos & stalking life
Web design & digital content
Removing that unwanted human from your photo
Print design
Marketing *Not really our thing - we just design
Development & nerd level things *we can outsource this to a expert nerd


It's simple.

You tell us what you need -
then we design.

Lets chat, drink coffee
and design.